GVMC to implement QR coded public dustbins in Visakhapatnam

public dustbins, visakhapatnam
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Working towards Swachh Visakhapatnam, The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is planning to introduce an innovative feature with public dustbins to activate the public’s participation as well.

Speaking to Yo! Vizag, the GVMC Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. A Hemanth, shared some insight on this initiative. “A monitoring mechanism, regarding the cleaning of dustbins on a daily basis, needed to be introduced. For this purpose, Quick Response (QR) code stickers will be pasted to the public dustbins in Visakhapatnam. When any citizen, who is passing by, notices that the bin needs to be cleaned, they can scan the code on their mobile phone. Immediately, an alarm will be generated to the civic authorities, and the Health Inspector, who will take prompt action in addressing the grievance. Once the grievance (cleaning of the garbage bin) is attended to, a satisfactory report will be sent to the complainant. This method will ensure that bins throughout the city are cleaned regularly.”

Elaborating further on this novel initiative, Dr. Hemanth said that the GVMC employees too can make use of this system by scanning the code of the bin they have cleaned. The trials of this system have been implemented on RK Beach Road. After achieving successful results from the trials, the system will be implemented on the garbage bins across the city within a month or two.

Prior to this, other initiatives, such as ‘Adopt A Wall’ and ‘Waste To Best’, to make Visakhapatnam a Swachh City, had been launched on World Environment Day. One can clearly see that the Visakhapatnam officials are leaving no stone unturned to achieve cleanliness across the city.

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