PV Sindhu releases a video paying tribute to coach Pullela Gopichand

PV Sindhu’s video of I hate my teacher is going viral

PV Sindhu and coach P Gopichand
PV Sindhu and coach P Gopichand

It’s Teacher’s day and gives us just another chance to thank our wonderful teachers. We owe a lot to them any amount of gratitude shown towards them is less. From an elementary school to the reputed colleges, there’s a festive vibe going around in many institutions. Students are coming out with their own thoughts to showcase their love towards their beloved gurus. One such thing that has stood out is a tweet from PV Sindhu.

PV Sindhu Hates her Teacher!

The badminton superstar has tweeted saying “I HATE MY TEACHER”! Yes, you read that right. The tweet was directed towards her coach and former badminton player, Pullela Gopichand. While this tweet surprised many, it actually turned out to be a sweet gesture from Sindhu. She made a video showing how tough a master Gopichand is. The video reiterates the fact that it is because of our teacher’s determination and belief that we end up succeeding in life.

The duo of Gopichand and Sindhu has been training hard since many years. Under Gopichand, Sindhu has grown to become a force to be reckoned with. In fact, PV Sindhu won silver at the last year’s Olympics in Rio last year and made the country proud.

So don’t forget to wish your teachers and thank them once again for all they have done for our sake.

Happy Teachers Day!

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