Public representatives stand against the tourism project at Vizag beach

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The proposed naval museum complex and underground parking tourism projects proposed at Vizag beach received a negative review from various public quarters.

In a meeting organised to take public reviews on Tuesday, the stakeholders opined their dissatisfaction for the project. They have mentioned that the project would make roads more congested.

Architect and former professor of Andhra University, Shabnam Patel, said, “In the last three years, we have seen that Beach Road, especially the area where the project is proposed, has caved in due to beach erosion. And the authorities are yet to come up with a sustainable long-term plan.”

Another official mentioned, “The Beach Road is already heavily encroached upon. If the project and the ₹600-crore Lulu Group convention centre project materialise, Beach Road will lose its very character. The lung space and land space will shrink.”

Environmentalist Sohan Hatangadi said, “The proposed project area falls in the CRZ-II Zone. As per UNEP prediction, the sea will rise by 1 m in the next 50 years. Already, cyclonic storms raise the water level by 3 to 4 metres. In such a scenario, the underground project is not advisable.

The Kirlampudi Residents Welfare Association President, Uday Shirname, said that there would be troubles caused as people prefer to park vehicles in front of their house if the underground project is sanctioned.

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