Police robot to aid cops in Visakhapatnam with taking complaints

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In order to improve the efficiency in attending to the complaints, Visakhapatnam Police introduced a cybersecurity interactive robotic agent called CYBIRA. Developed by Robotcoupler Techno Solutions Private Limited, CYBIRA is a specially equipped police robot to decipher audio recordings into text messages.

On Monday, this Virtual Assistant Robot was launched by the Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar Meena (IPS), at the Maharanipeta Police Station. Speaking to the media, the Police Commissioner said that the public could stand in front of the robot and orally register their complaints. He further added that those who wish to file written complaints by themselves could do that through the tablet attached to CYBIRA. 

Once the complaint is registered, the complainant, as well as the respective police officer, will be receiving a copy of the complaint in the written format. Reportedly, the concerned officer will have to initiate the investigation within a day of receiving the complaint. Otherwise, the robot will automatically forward the status of the complaint to the senior officials. Furthermore, CYBIRA will facilitate the complainant to check the complaint status as well.

Earlier, similar models of police robots were deployed in Thiruvananthapuram and Hyderabad. Apart from receiving complaints, these robots were designed to detect bombs, and identify suspects. 

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