Two Day Photo Exhibit ‘Nostalgia’ By Veteran Photographer K Bhaskar Rao

K Bhaskar Rao Photographer - Nostalgia - Photo Exhibition - Vizag

A two day photo exhibit titled ‘Nostalgia’ will be held in the city. The exhibition will feature an esteemed collection of rare pictures clicked by veteran photographer K Bhaskar Rao.

With the changing face of Vizag’s landscape through the years, the photographer has rare captures of the heritage structures and buildings that used to dot the city. Many of these have even faded away into the chapters of history. On display at the exhibition will be the 50 year long journey of the veteran.

Hailing from Bheemunipatnam, the 70 year old had served as a photographer in the Indian Air Force before retirement. He captured the pilot training programmes, war action and maintained the onboard cameras on fighter planes. He had begun his career as a freelance photographer in the city from the early 80s. He went on to become a sports photographer who covered every sporting event in the city. The photographer was also selected for the MA Rahim Best Press Photographer award by the State Government for 2009.

The exhibit will be held at Visakha Museum on 3 & 4 of June.

What: Nostalgia – photography exhibit

Who: Veteran photographer K Bhaskar Rao

When: 3 & 4 June, 2017

Where: Visakha Museum

Timings: 10 AM – 8 PM

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