Pet – Care During Monsoon

Pet Care : While the approaching monsoons provide us our much needed respite, with it tagged along is an equally long list of woes for our very adorable furry friends. Pets, being confined indoors due to inclement weather often exhibit restlessness, discomfort and symptoms of depression which range from mild to severe such as excessive biting, chewing and hiding. Also, storm anxiety is a very common problem. You will see dogs scampering under sofas or hiding in nooks and corners for comfort when they hear thunder, lightning or heavy rains.

It is very important not to talk to them in a loud voice or get angry at them at that point of time. Provide a conducive atmosphere at home by surrounding your four-legged buddies with comfort-giving familiar toys, ample fresh water and a low volume on your television, so your pet is not distracted from the sounds outdoor in your absence. With the soaring humidity levels in this season, pets are vulnerable to infections especially of the skin; therefore, it is not advisable to take them out in the rain without appropriate protection.

Here are some do’s and don’ts you should follow

  • Invest in a good rainwear for your pets. It’s not only a style statement, but a necessity. If not available at your local pet store, do try online.
    Get them vaccinated for leptospirosis. (caused by rats)
  • Deworm pets regularly. This is important in the rains when they are prone to stomach infections. Worm infestation may lead to anaemia, general debility anorexia, dullness of coat and many other complications.
  • Keep the pet area insect-free. Insects seek warmth and may turn to the pet area in the monsoon. Also, ensure that there is constant supply of fresh water in their bowls to avoid water borne infections.
  • Don’t bathe your pets too often in the monsoons. Try using the dry shampoos or anti-fungal shampoos available in the market these days and remember to brush them regularly. You can even use medicated or all natural talc and deodorants to get rid of the bad smell emanating from their skin.
  • Avoid walking your pets in water-logged areas. After every walk, cleanse your pooch’s feet with a sponge, antiseptic wash or a pet shampoo.
  • Dogs are prone to ear infections since their ears are at an angle where rainwater can easily enter them. Dab the ears dry with cotton. If your dog scratches the ear too often or if it becomes red, then consult your Vet.
  • Contaminated food or water may lead to digestive disorders and gastroenteritis. Therefore, make sure to provide your pet with freshly prepared food or food stored in airtight containers.
    Drive the monsoon blues away with proper care, a good diet, careful monitoring and ensure a fun time with your pooch. Apart from this, loads of love and pampering will not only build more trust but also create a stronger bond between you and your pet. After all, it’s best to have a mischievous, active and playful pooch than an ill and silent one, right?

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