13 Rythu Bazaars in Visakhapatnam Switch to Paytm


With both the state and central government pushing people to go cashless and adopt digital methods of payments, everyone in the city, including the vegetable traders at Rythu Bazaars have switched to Paytm.

In our city alone, 13 Rythu Bazaars have gone digital, apart from the numerous street vendors who switched previously. Both the sellers and buyers find it convenient during the current currency crisis. A total of 274 shopkeepers have started using Paytm reportedly while the state administration continues to create awareness on the use of PoS machines and digital transactions.

While hesitant initially, it was 20 shopkeepers who first came forward to use technology for their transactions, kickstarting the change. The Rythu Bazaar authorities have asked for PoS machine terminals but with the supply falling short of demand, Paytm has come handy in the meanwhile. The first 20 who stepped forward were also briefed by the Paytm officials on its usage.

The vendors and customers who do not use smartphones still lie in wait for the PoS machines. For now, it remains a crowd favourite and will most likely remain so in the future.

*Image used for representational purpose only

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