Parking Space Availability Mandatory For Registration Of Vehicles Soon


Congested roads are a common sight in major cities now, not being able to pass traffic signals until atleast the third try has become pretty commonplace. Even in Vizag, the population seems to increase day by day, increasing the vehicular traffic on a parallel. People owning multiple vehicles, atleast one for each family member, is something taken for granted. The government may soon decide to allow registration of vehicles only on production of a parking space availability certificate to the authorities.

Speaking at an event in Delhi, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said, “No car or vehicle should be registered without adequate parking space availability certificate.” The ministry is reportedly in talks with the Surface Transport Ministry in order to put in place riders for vehicle registration. “I am holding discussions with Nitin Gadkari and also sensitising the states. We are moving in that direction,” he said. There are certain challenges this plan faces.

While the registration of vehicles is done by state transport departments, it is the municipal bodies that are in charge of parking. People believe the alternate modes of traffic aren’t developed or sufficient enough for citizens to switch to public transport and forego their vehicles. Not mention, private vehicles are simply believed to be more convenient.

Environmentalists reportedly believe that government needs to take several other steps apart from this decision. Much needed improvement of public transport, a hike in parking charges, levying charges on use of private vehicles in congested areas and increasing interest rates on car loans are some of their suggestions.

Many countries adopt such restrictions to encourage people to use public transportation, which are on a whole different level than the transportation in ours. Not to mention, the population of India needs to be considered.

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