Parikrama – The Indian Gods of Rock-n-Roll


Parikrama has been a regular quencher for the rock thirsty people of Vizag. On their umpteenth visit, Yo!Vizag caught up with them and it’s safe to say we still can’t get enough of them!

How does it feel to be back in Vizag?

We first came to Vizag in 2008 and we’ve been back every year since then. We just love the city, how it’s changing and appreciation for our music is growing. We always ensure that Vizag is included in the tour.


You always donate proceeds from your concerts to charity. Has it always been that way?

Our first concert was on September 28, 1992 in Delhi University at a time when people did not have any awareness about AIDS. We put in our own money, got permissions, did a lot of research, printed pamphlets and did a free concert with the aim of creating awareness. We’ve always played for charity all through these years.


You opened for Iron Maiden, got nominated for Rolling Stone, how does it feel?

Opening for Iron Maiden in 2007 is a career high. We grew with their posters on our walls. When we played the first song, Iron Maiden came out of their green rooms to watch us and asked us to play two more songs. What bigger achievement could there be! After the show, we were offered to be taken on a UK tour. Getting nominated by Rolling Stone India is great, it is recognition of the work we do, but for us it’s the recognition we get from our fans when we perform is what matters the most. We love it when the crowd sings along and they enjoy it.


24 years old and 3500 concerts rich, how has the journey been so far?

From first playing in 1992, to playing music across countries such as USA, Europe, Bhutan, Middle East and Nepal and even mentoring 80-85 bands, it has been great. We’ve gotten Bollywood offers, but never took them up as a band. We’ve collected many good memories, we played at the prestigious Kennedy Centre in The US. The whole place was full and we got a standing ovation.

(This article was first published in Yo! Vizag in the November-December 2015 issue)

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