A Biryani Paradise!

paradise biryani
paradise biryani

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Paradise finally opened its first outlet in Vizag giving reason for biryani lovers to rejoice!

Spread over two floors, the interiors of Paradise are reminiscent of its parent. With the takeaway counter in the ground floor, the top floor comfortably seats 200 people in the spacious place. Golden lights shine onto cream walls lined with huge pictures of food, making one salivate in anticipation. Orange striped couches and chairs accompany dark wood tables.  

The menu offers a wide range of aromatic biryanis like their Special Biryani made with chicken, lamb and saffron; mouth-watering curries like Nizami Handi, seasonal vegetables tossed with masala in a handi; Murgh Musallam, a chicken and spiced minced lamb curry with boiled egg; or the Paradise Special Mutton, boneless mutton served in a buttery tomato gravy. The Double Ka Meetha, a bread pudding dessert and Qubani Ka Meetha, a stewed apricots dessert, are not to be missed.

Timings: 11AM – 11PM

Location: VIP Road

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