Out Drape Yourself


Revamped Saree

Parties, weddings, dates, saree is what most of us turn to no matter what the occasion. While we all love our skinny jeans and dresses, the sexy garment lends a grace no other outfit does. But the same old traditional way of draping and matching blouses can get a tad boring. So we bring you five new ways to reboot your saree.


Tee shirt

Skip the blouse and wear it with a fitted tee shirt for a quirky look.


Cinch in your waist with a leather belt for a streamlined look.


Substitute the blouse with a bandeau top and wear a fitted jacket over your saree.

 Box Blouse

Skin-fit, sexy blouses are passe with loose-fitting, boxy blouses making their mark.


Tulip, dhoti or retro, drape your same old saree in a unique and trendy way.

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