An open and honest letter to our dear readers from Team Yo!Vizag.


Dear Readers,

Yo!Vizag is dedicated to all of you, our beloved and beautiful Visakhapatnam and our life here. We have, to the best of our ability maintained an honest and direct approach in city media. The issues that are faced by all of you is of prime importance to us. That being the primary focus, a close second is everything small and big about our city. This is a broad list that includes our history, our favourite places, spaces, hangouts, new establishments etc. We strive to get you information that is of use and interest to a larger Visakhapatnam populace.

We do receive and hope for much more participation from all of you. Bouquets and brickbats are both welcome and your feedback has helped us grow. While we always stand by what we publish and promote, we cannot vouch for impostors. Readers we request you to beware of a large number of people who pose as Yo!Vizag team. There have been instances where we have been misrepresented, misquoted and hence misjudged. We do everything in our power to negate this but a few unfortunate instances have happened.

Please bear with us and stand with us. We are extremely approachable and urge you to get in touch in case of doubt. Next time you come across some one in Visakhapatnam who tells that they represent us, do check credentials. Let us grow in strength together and not give a chance for frauds to win.

Get in touch with us at –

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Landline number: +91 891 2508150
  • Website:
  • Send a message on our Facebook page.

Thank you all.

Team, Yo!Vizag

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