Starmaker Satyanand Consulted For Renovation Of Andhra University’s Open Air Auditorium

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Andhra University Open Air Auditorium

The six decade old open air auditorium at Andhra University will soon be renovated. The auditorium that was damaged during Hudhud will be renovated as per global standards. The news will come as good news for those students of Theatre Arts who were eagerly awaiting to stage a play at the venue.

The auditorium that was built in 1965 has a history of plays staged by many artistes. After the damage rendered by Hudhud, the department had failed to get an approval on the budget proposed. Since then, the authorities have made changes in the design and funds have been allocated on the current budget.

The engineers are now taking the help of starmaker and actor trainer Dr Satyanand for the renovation of the auditorium as per global standards. The renovation will cost AU Rs 50 lakhs and the starmaker has reportedly suggested that the stage be extended at the back, provision be put in for side space and the stage elevation not be disturbed. The height of the stage roof will be increased, acquiring it a new view, along with the design of lighting and screen space. These moves will make it similar to other theatres abroad.

The fixed seating that dots the venue now will be demolished to make space for makeshift seating in a completely open space. The reason for the move being that during practice, the open space can be utilised by students to sit and work on their projects. A ramp will be also constructed; keeping in view the need for when artists will be using vehicles on stage during live shows. After the design works reach completion, the sound system and screen design will be finalised.

After a meeting in the next few days, the authorities will begin renovating the place within a month. The deadline for the project stands at four months as of now.

Story Credit: The New Indian Express

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