How to focus on leading a healthy life?

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Anjali Dange

With the main objective of helping people focus on leading a healthy life, Anjali Dange, Founder of the Starlite Nutrition & Wellness Center, Vizag, brings multiple aspects of health under one roof.

Issues and causes

Today, many people, even in their 30s, complain of low energy levels. There is also the segment that struggles with weight loss challenges. Myths are aplenty, and while some believe that online dieting plans will work, there are others who will gulp down a litre of water in the morning and think that they’re doing the right thing. Some believe that nutritionists will make them starve. Awareness is lacking, and Anjali shares that there’s no common solution for the generic term of ‘weight loss’ because weight gain happens due to different reasons. In some cases, this may be triggered by thyroid issues, while in others it could be due to lack of protein, intolerance to certain foods, lack of exercise or even lack of sleep.

A holistic approach

The Starlite Nutrition and Wellness center established a year ago in Vizag, works towards building awareness on leading a healthy life. Preventive nutrition, mindful eating, and a holistic approach with fitness, nutritional counseling, Zumba workshops, yoga sciences and dance-themed workshops, are offered here. With fifteen years of experience in preventive medicine and age management, she offers nutrition and diet consulting. This center in Vizag focuses both on general health and disease-specific nutrition. With the focus on family nutrition as a whole, Anjali shares that when the entire family is involved it gets easier to plan meals and live healthily. However, the decision depends completely upon the individual coming for an assessment.

Google-based diet plans

Many people do have the tendency to follow online health and diet plans. However, each body is built differently, and the reasons for weight gain are as varied. So what may work well for one person, can be dangerous for another. Anjali strongly advises people not to Google for health solutions. Instead, head to a nutritionist at least once in your life and get an assessment done. This gives you valuable information on where the problems lie and can go a long way in improving your health. “We also teach people to eat mindfully, chew their food well and sip water through the day”, she shares.


  1. Take some time over the weekend to plan the meals of the week ahead.
  2. Carry a grocery list while you shop and stick to it.
  3. Carry a small snack pouch in your bag when you leave home on errands or work. If a meal is going to be delayed, munch on the snack to reduce overeating at the next meal.
  4. Chew your food well. It will improve nutrient absorption.
  5. Make 25% of your meal raw. You may include slices of cucumber, homemade vegetable chutneys, fruit and curd smoothies or simply grated carrot on your dosa.

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