Another speedboat added to the tally at Rushikonda in Vizag

command control centre, vizag

The tourism authorities have been introducing a variety of water sports at the beaches in Vizag to hold the tourists’ captive. The availability of water sports in the city has gone up a notch as the backwaters of Mangamaripeta and Rushikonda beach are now home to several of them. In a move to facilitate the water sports in the city, another speedboat has been added to the tally at the Rushikonda beach in Vizag.

Following the orders passed by the tourism authorities, a relatively unused speedboat, from Kakinada, has been shifted to Vizag to tap the tourism potential at the Rushikonda beach. The latest addition is expected to be put into use while the other two speedboats at the locale are out for maintenance. As reported by Eenadu, the concerned personnel have been equipping the speedboat’s engine with newer gear to enable it to sail over the Vizag waters.

Also, the long-awaited hovercraft rides are expected to add to the tourist attractions at Rushikonda.

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