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NWWA - Navy Wives Welfare Association

When a group of enthusiastic women come together to empower communities, they can make a positive difference in the society. NWWA, the Navy Wives Welfare Association contributes significantly for the naval community in its own unique way.

Created for the purpose of empowering naval families, the NWWA plays varied roles for the upliftment and welfare of the community. Incepted in 1948 in Mumbai as NOWA as a body that would help people with the diverse issues that emerged post independence, it came to its present form as Naval Wives Welfare Association in 1985. The association has grown since then in terms of its area of support and influence, today being a wing that every naval wife is proud to be part of. Even in the city of Visakhapatnam, which is home to the Eastern Naval Command, the 100% volunteer driven force of the NWWA began functioning in 1948. And as it is with any unit of NWWA, in any city, here too it began by supporting the efforts of the Indian Navy for the community support and development.

Over the many years of working with the naval families, NWWA has developed four niche areas of support and today works on the areas of women empowerment, education, community welfare and outreach. Through these four thrust areas the NWWA has managed to setup units of Block Printing, Vocational training and even support navy widows. Many courses are also conducted for children to enhance their learning through both tuition and hobby classes; they are also made more aware of their environment through various programs. Moreover NWWA runs crèches for the children of the naval fraternity and working women. It also  supports Sankalp, a School for the differently-abled children. In conjunction with the naval health facilities, NWWA also contributes towards healthcare and healthy lifestyle. Looking after every need of the Naval families from across the age groups, NWWA strives to educate, empower and support the Naval fraternity in all aspects of social welfare and community development under its wing.

Under the able guidance of Mrs Bimla Bisht, President NWWA, Eastern Region, the Vizag chapter is working tirelessly for the betterment of the naval community and to take the legacy forward.

As a group that is more aware of the community they live in, a Navy wife automatically becomes a member and then has the freedom to choose the area she wishes to associate. A mere conversation with any of these members shows their dedication to wide-ranging causes close to their heart. Their main influences are varied; perhaps the support they offer to others makes them stronger. Perhaps they have discovered the truth that life is better when you aren’t living it alone, but when you are empowering others and reaching out in whatever way you can.

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