Mysterious Death Of An IPS Officer In Vizag

IPS officer K.Sasi Kumar, The Assistant Superintendent of police, at  Paderu Division, Visakhapatnam District, was found dead at his residence Thursday morning. The sudden death of the young officer sure sounds mysterious and the police hasn’t yet succeeded in finding out whether it’s an accident or a suicide.

As per the primary reports, the incident took place at his residence cum office. The security staff outside the officer’s residence heard the gunfire and rushed inside. He was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors declared his death. Rahul Dev Sharma, superintendent of police, (Visakha Rural) said that the possible cause could be a misfire of the service revolver while Mr Kumar was cleaning it.

Mr K Sasi Kumar hails from Salem, Tamil Nadu. He was a 2012 batch IPS Officer who was recently posted to Paderu on December 31st 2015. He was one of the most active officers who conducted drives against cultivation and selling of ‘ganja’ in Paderu region. Furthermore, he had also launched anti-narcotics raids regularly and succeeded in seizing ‘ganja’ that was worth up to 2 million.

The investigation about his death is currently in progress. The city is deeply saddened to hear about the sudden and unfortunate news.

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