Mrs AVN College chairperson Indrani Jagga Row passes away in Vizag

Mrs AVN College Indrani Jagga Row

Renowned educationalist and chairperson of Mrs AVN College Indrani Jagga Row (85) passed away at Pinnacle Hospital during the early hours of Sunday in Vizag. Reportedly, she suffered severe spinal cord injuries after accidentally tripping down at her residence, a few days ago.

Married to Mr AVN Jagga Row, the scion of Ankitam family, who were Zamindars in North Andhra, she helmed many responsibilities at Mrs AVN College, the Indian Red Cross, Women’s conference, and Handloom Advisory board. In 1993, she was appointed as the correspondent of Mrs AVN College, the 140-year old institution, which was founded by the Ankitam family. Under her able administration, the college introduced new courses including Bachelors in Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Masters in Commerce, Applied Mathematics, among others. 

Indrani Jagga Row is remembered for having fought relentlessly for women’s rights. In order to provide better education for women, she organised several sessions, especially in rural areas. Also, she worked towards establishing Lok Adalat to offer justice to women across Vizag. Recognising her efforts, the National Commission for Women even had presented her the Women of Excellence award. The eminent personality had received the honour from the former Indian Prime Minister, H D Deve Gowda, in 1997. 

She is survived by two sons Bhanoji Row, the correspondent of Mrs AVN College and Muneesh Row, an industrialist.

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