More Mobile Rythu Bazaars to increase the ease of sourcing fresh produce in Vizag


Why go to retail where they will empty your pockets for fruits and vegetables when there is our local mobile Rythu Bazaar coming round to your corner? Now expect more of them Visakhapatnam people.

Soon residents of Visakhapatnam’s outskirts will get fresh vegetables at their doorsteps as the horticulture department will be increasing the number of mobile rythu bazaars in the city. Residents of different parts in the city have sought more mobile rythu bazaars and more trips of the mobile rythu bazaar in the locality and at different locations on the three days.

The mobile rythu bazaar is nothing but a van carrying fresh vegetables and fruits to the various parts in the city. At present, four mobile rythu bazaars are operating in Vizag city and altogether, these sell around 30 quintals of fresh vegetables and over five quintals of fruits in a day.

People asking for mobile rythu bazaars has been increasing in Visakhapatnam and around eight more will be deployed to cater the need of the citizens. For a little more than prices of vegetables and fruits at normal rythu bazaars people will be able to get better quality. Currently located at PM Palem, Madhurawada, Muralinagar in Visakhapatnam, residents of the areas come all they way to sales points to procure. The business model is doing briskly and much more left to tap potential.

Why not when Visakhapatnam can have fresh stuff everyday on their doorstep?

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