Monsoon Hair Care

Wind, rain and humidity – either of these can mess up a classy hair-do. And the monsoon gleefully brings on a combination of all three! A tight bun becomes a damp knot and the classily let-down hair becomes a frizzy mess. While a tight braid looks too formal and school-girlish, try the sideswept braid. It looks good, casual and yet formal, neat and soft too. It is rain-ready and wind-proof.

Try a simple style where a small braid from the front is nested into a side braid. It takes care of irritating flyways and keeps it neat. Pick up a medium section of hair near the forehead on the front side of the hair. Begin a simple three-stranded braid with this section. Finish the braid and temporarily secure the end of the braid with an elastic band. Now swoop the rest of your hair loosely over to the right shoulder, and divide it into three strands to create a simple side braid. Add the first braid from the forehead into the middle strand of this side braid. Once the small braid is added, make a simple side braid with all the remaining hair. After finishing the side braid, secure with a hair band.

Another style would be to French braid the hair across – start at the temple on the left; French braid the hair taking it low near the nape of the neck and across to the right. Just above the right shoulder put a thick band and leave the rest in a ponytail.

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