KGH’s Kitchen Undergoing Renovations

modern kitchen

King George Hospital’s (KGH) diet kitchen is going through an upgrade. With an estimated cost of Rs 30 lakh the diet kitchen is being renovated to a modern kitchen. The previous room lacked proper equipment, forcing KGH to depend on food contractors.

KGH is trying to set up as much equipment as possible in the modern kitchen to make the cooking process easy, fast and hygienic. Proper safety measures are being taken keeping the health of dietitians and kitchen staff in view.  

For the previous month, the KGH kitchen is being run from the Government Hospital for Mental Care. Renovations have begun since May but the completion keeps getting delayed due to lack of funds. Reportedly, 70 percent of the kitchen has been completed and the kitchen might be inaugurated soon.

The kitchen will have the roof placed at 20 feet and a lot of ventilators. A separate section will store gas cylinders and the gas fixation work is yet to be done. Idly and dosa makers, stoves, steamers, six boilers in addition to the two the kitchen previously held and six diet trolleys in addition to the four they already had make up some of the equipment in the new kitchen.

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