District Collector launches mobile ATM in Vizag

atm, vizag
Caption: Facebook/ Jeevan Kumar Sanapala

To make cash withdrawal easy and available at places where it is difficult to locate an ATM, the District Co-operative Central Bank (DCCB) mobile ATM has been launched in Vizag.

On Monday, the District Collector Pravin Kumar IAS has inaugurated the mobile Any Time Money hoping that it would be easy for the people living in rural and tribal areas to access money.

Speaking on the occasion, the Collector said, “Customers of any bank can avail of the cash withdrawal facilities using their debit cards.”

The Chief Executive of DCCB mentioned that the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has assisted Rs 15 Lakh for the launching.


  • The ATM would be equipped with GPS.
  • It would be reserved with RS 5 Lakh cash every day.
  • Once the cash in the machine is exhausted, it would be reloaded at the nearest bank.

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