Mekong, The Pan-Asian Delight, Opens in Green Park, Vizag

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The Setting
A school of silverfish dot the wall as you climb the stairs up to Mekong, giving you a glimpse of what’s to come. Step into the restaurant and you are cocooned by warm light filtering in through layers of textured cream cloth hung from the ceiling. These are reminiscent of frothy waves or fish gills. The nautical theme carries through the rest of Mekong with one wall covered only by waves of bright blue and another with silver fish swimming on the wall. White framed pictures of Koi fish hang in between shelves lined with ornate jars. Blue sofas and chairs accompany dark cocoa coloured wooden tables. Jade coloured saké cups and cutlery find their place on the tables, flanked by chopsticks. A private dining room stands in a corner.

The Fare
The interactive kitchen, with a glass wall, offers the experience of watching teppanyaki, sushi and dim sums being precisely prepared. Flavourful jasmine green tea is served in the saké cups as soon as one enters the restaurant. The menu boasts of delicacies from wherever, the river Mekong, charts through. Such as Thai, Cambodian, Laos, Chinese, Vietnamese and Myanmar cuisine is served at the restaurant along with Japanese. Dishes like Crab Uramaki, an inside out sushi stuffed with crab meat and avocado; Hanoi Toi Kom, king prawns tossed in Hanoi garlic sauce; Lamb Massaman Curry, a traditional Thai curry and Wok Tossed Lobster with spicy sauce dot the menu. Mekong also has a selection of wines that suit the extensive menu.

Yo! Recommends
The Avocado and Shitake Maki, a stuffed avocado and Shitake mushroom rice roll must not be missed. Khow Suey, a traditional Burmese soup consisting of coconut cream and vegetables or chicken warms you up on a rainy day and the Coconut Jaggery or Wasabi ice cream is the perfect solution to a sweet craving.

Timings: 12:30 PM to 3 PM;  7:30 PM to 11 PM
Location: GreenPark Hotel, Waltair Main Road
Contact: +91 891 661 5151

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