Sub-standard Medicines & Injections Being Supplied at Government Hospitals

Sub standard medicines government hospitals

Based on RTI information, Public Forum Secretary Kandregula Venkata Ramana has alleged that patients are more prone to chronic problems after they’ve been administered sub-standard quality injections and medicines at some government hospitals.

Inferior quality injections and medicines are being supplied to some hospitals according to information derived from inspections conducted in government hospitals. ‘Not of Standard Quality’ reports have been issued by the Department of Drug Control on April 1, 2016 after 23 samples were reportedly tested, out of which five were sub-standard.

Venkata Ramana told the media that the government drug labs in Kolkata and Vijayawada have confirmed the same with details of how the Piperacillin and Tazobactum injection, Thiopentone sodium injection and multi-vitamin tablets being supplied at some government hospitals are of inferior quality. He demanded an inquiry into the matter, fearing the suffering of patients at KGH and Government Hospital for Mental Care.

He further demanded that the government initiate stringent action against drug companies supplying these low quality drugs and recover the amount paid for the same. Pharma companies that were alleged against are Minopharma Labs Private Limited at Pernimitta and Quality Pharmaceuticals Private Limited at Amritsar.

He stated that such sub-standard drugs should be destroyed by the medical and health authorities. Venkata Ramana pointed out that there was no lab facility in the state to test the quality of these injections. He stated that it is a failure on the part of the state government to not be able to assess whether the medicines supplied are of standard or not, due to their neglect of not establishing a full-fledged lab in the state. He stated that he will be lodging complaints to the Human Rights Commission and also Lokayukta about the same.

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