McDonald’s finally opens a store in Visakhapatnam and we’re lovin’ it


Our wishes have been answered and finally the McDonald’s store has opened up in Visakhapatnam. This is the first McD store in coastal Andhra that has a McCafe {which is a new concept} serving a wide variety of beverages to food lover.



The kitchen has different sections for vegetarian and non vegetarian food and no same oil is used to make veg and non-veg food. This will ensure a tension free bite for pure vegetarians and will help in maintaining hygiene. The food store is extreme vegetarian sensitive and takes special precaution to separate foods. What’s interesting is, the employees wear different colored aprons {green and red} just to make the point extra clear.


The menu of Vizag McDonald’s is huge and offers different variety of burgers, wraps along with lip smacking fries, nuggets, rings etc. The famous Maharaja Mac will be the star of the show along with the new concept of McCafe. This concept of cafe was launched to provide variety in beverages and coffee and 30 different beverages are made available for food lovers to choose from. The McDonald’s coffee will be made out of pure Arabica bean and options of shakes, iced teas and desserts will also be available.


The store is located in the CMR Central Mall on the top floor and is spacious enough to seat 100 people. The 3000 sq feet store also has a personal cabin for throwing a private party which can seat 25 people at once. The breath taking view of hills and the city roads is an additional benefit of the top floor store which is run by a crew of 35 members trained in Hyderabad.


The employees of the fast food store are to wash hands and change gloves every hour to ensure proper hygiene. Also, all the food items are sourced from India itself and no importing of items is required. Separate utensils are used to make and serve food items for vegetarians. Now, that is a desperate try to maintain decorum and hygiene.

So what is the wait for? Rush to CMR Central ASAP before all the seats are taken.

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