Jyotii Sethi – Where is Vidya Balan?


Jyotii Sethi, who debuted in Tollywood with her thriller ‘Where is Vidya Balan’, was in town to shoot for her next movie. Yo! Vizag caught up with the actress to know about her journey, her future plans and much more.

Claim to fame:
Where is Vidya Balan?

Currently working in:
Happy Birthday

Like many other stars, she was ‘found’ on Facebook after a mutual friend noticed her and asked her to get a portfolio done. Initially disinterested, she ended up doing the photoshoot and uploading those pictures on the social media, a move that changed her life forever. The girl who had no interest in entering the film industry, who had instead dreamed of becoming a lecturer, was now getting multiple offers whereby she featured in a few videos too.

‘My childhood has been a tough one. I’ve been raised mostly by my mom, my dad died when I was in the second standard.’ She shares that she started earning right from when she was in the seventh standard, and would pay her fees and help support the family. Her mother always wanted her to work in a cabin job where people come and addressed her as ‘Jyotii Madam’, she adds. But destiny had other plans for this Punjabi girl, who took the opportunity of acting head on.

She moved to Mumbai for three years shooting commercials and a Punjabi film that is yet to be released. She headed south when auditions for ‘Where is Vidya Balan’ were being held. ‘I went for an audition in the morning and was told that I had been chosen by evening’ relates the young actress, without throwing any airs. With that becoming her first film here, she was soon offered two more films. But one of them never took off and the other stopped shooting into a few days.

The film she is shooting now, ‘Happy Birthday’, offers her a role that hinges on her expressing and emoting. She’s thankful too for a supportive team that gives her enough time to overcome the language barrier and perform better. As she works on an upcoming Tamil film, we wish her all the best!