Jet Airways Flight Held Hostage By A Wedding Party

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Jet Airways flight scheduled from Mumbai to Bhopal was recently held hostage by a wedding party. While news about Air India flights getting delayed and people finding cockroaches in their food on another Air India flight caught our attention too, this one just takes the cake.

The scenario: A wedding party of 80 are on their way to Bhopal, 17 of them show up late, wearing #ViruNiWedding tee shirts. Because of over-booking (!) , said 17 people are not on the flight list, seeing as how they’re late anyway. But when they’re told this, the whole wedding party decides it’s a good idea to threaten the airlines and tell them they’ll all get off the flight if the 17 aren’t allowed on-board. So the flight that was supposed to land at 07:10 AM; took off at 08:00 AM and landed in Bhopal at 09:10 AM.

1: How did the 17 even get past the boarding gates if they weren’t confirmed to be on the flight?

2: A wedding party of 80 threaten the pilot and crew, not only bringing the flight to a standstill but also causing huge inconvenience to other passengers.

3: After the whole one hour of bickering by the wedding party, the airways staff apparently started to convince people on-board to get off the plane so they could accommodate the 17. Worst part – the people asked to get off the plane, were told they would be given ‘concessions’.

The cherry-on-top of this whole situation? There was a man on-flight, travelling to Singapore to attend his father’s funeral, begging for everyone to stop the fight as his father’s body wouldn’t be released till he reached there.

By the end of it all, FIVE people had to board off the flight for a Jet Airways concession of Rs 10,000. The pilot chose that moment to announce that the Bhopal airport was scheduled to close at 9AM due to renovations. This was a fact that was known by the airlines beforehand, yet they were slowly and steadily trying to reason with the wedding party.

Now, a person would wonder, why would Jet Airways work SO HARD to cajole the wedding party, despite their obvious size. Turns out, the wedding party are linked to a powerful minister. Now, think about it, think about it deep.

Check these videos out.

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Story Source: Filter Copy | Image Credit: 50skyshades


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