Janatha Garage Missing From Vizag’s Multiplexes

Janatha Garage
Janatha Garage


Type in Janatha Garage into Google, hoping to catch the movie at one of your favourite multiplexes and you will be sorely disappointed. The movie that collected Rs 25 crore worldwide on the opening day and has mostly gotten good feedback from reviewers and audience alike, is conspicuously missing from the few multiplexes Vizag has.

The few theatres the movie is being shown in Vizag are Jagadamba, SVC Likitha, Mohini Cinema Hall and Sree Leela Mahal Cinema Hall. One can only speculate as to why the movie has showtimes at such few theatres here, a stark contrast to the usual openings star movies have. A Jr NTR, Pawan Kalyan or Allu Arjun movie usually has fans lining up and looking forward to the movie, with numerous shows offered at multiple theatres, including multiplexes.


Janatha Garage


Janatha Garage is the story of Anand (Jr NTR), a nature loving environmentalist who’d rather plant trees even as a child than play with other kids. He lives in Mumbai with his uncle, romancing Dhana (Samantha),  who supports him in his quest. He comes across Sathyam (Mohanlal) who runs Janatha Garage and is a saviour of the masses, another person who supports his ideals.


A young man turning vigilante and trying to do his best for the society is a tried and tested storyline, but Mohanlal and Jr NTR bring in a new dimension that is much needed to the film. Mohanlal is his usual larger-than-life, adding tremendous value to the film. Jr NTR finally has a chance to flex his acting muscles and do something more than romance heroines in beautiful locales and beat up bad guys twice his size. Jr NTR choosing this film over a typical masala film shows his maturity as an actor; so kudos for that.


But because this is still a Tollywood film and the masses have to be satisfied, flaws remain. Mohanlal and Jr NTR engaging in brief but smart exchanges, remain the highlight of the film. Nithya Menen is almost forgettable with the role she gets (Why are you choosing such roles lately Nithya? You desperately need another OK Bangaram, now!), so is Samantha, save for the fact that she’s the hero’s paramour. While the film is still cliché ridden, the attempt to do something different and deviate from the usual fare Tollywood churns out is worth a mention. It might not be Director Koratala Siva’s best film, but Mohanlal and Jr NTR make it shine. At a long run-time of 2 hrs and 42 mins, the music by Devi Sri Prasad offers a melodious respite.   


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