International Year of Pulses


Pulses are the unsung hero of proper and healthy nutrition. With United Nations declaring 2016 the ‘International Year of Pulses’, the dry grains finally get some much needed recognition. Dal is almost an every day presence in every household in India, the go-to comfort food. We all grew up with our grandmothers’ imparting us with knowledge of the many positive effects of dal on our hair and body. But pulses mean more than just lentils.

Any harvested dry grain that are a vital source of plant based protein and amino acids are a pulse. Dry beans, dry peas and chickpeas are also pulses that aid in reducing calories and fat. When eaten as a part of a healthy diet, they help in reducing obesity and manages chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. Traditional cooking methods are well-known but baked goods made with pulse flour are on the rise as a higher fibre and protein alternative.