Campus Diaries of Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy Visakhapatnam

Students of Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy Visakhapatnam

Four final-year students of Bachelors of Petroleum Engineering from the Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy (IIPE) Visakhapatnam give us a sneak-peek into their fun-filled student world.

Pawan Kumar Choudhury

Hang-out spot in college
After classes, we usually meet up under the tree, right next to the auditorium.

Your childhood dream job

To become an astronaut

Most memorable moment of college life

Receiving Academic Excellency Certificate from the Honourable Governor of Andhra Pradesh

One TV/Web series you are currently binge-watching

The Family Man

Varsha Vijayanand

Why this course at Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy?

As it has the perfect blend of Mathematics and Physics which I was looking for.

Favourite lecturer

Dr Rajat Jain, who teaches us Production Engineering. He is very supportive and encouraging of all his students.


Swimming and reading books

One thing that you’ll miss after finishing your course at IIPE

Those group study-sessions which often go off track.

Riya Dhan

Most-awaited day in college

It would be the day when I get placed. I can’t wait to see the huge smile on my parents’ faces.

Have you ever ragged your juniors?

I have never ragged anyone as I try to be friendly with juniors.

Best food at your canteen

Spicy hot chicken biryani

Career aspirations

I want to become a professional Petroleum Engineer and contribute to the energy security of India.

Harsh Srivastava

A wish you are eager to tick off from your bucket list

To ride on a bike from Delhi to Leh-Ladakh with my crazy friends.

Your friends tease you regarding

My name. They tweaked it as Horse, as my name rhymes like it.

Idea of an ideal weekend in Visakhapatnam

Spending quality time with my loved ones

Most-dreaded subject

Reservoir Simulation

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