Life at IIM Visakhapatnam: Four MBA students share their campus diaries

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Four students from the prestigious IIM Visakhapatnam talk about life and learnings.

Rohan Pansare

Coping up with MBA life

IIM Visakhapatnam teaches us the art of balancing life. Even after juggling between multiple college activities, we still find ways to relax.

Opinion on Vizag

Cleanest city with friendly people all around. And the beach, for sure, will be everyone’s unanimous favourite.

Favourite thing about IIM Visakhapatnam

The learning experience, from amazing professors, and great friends – who are more like a family.

One thing you’ll miss after college

The late-night case-study preparations accompanied with hot steaming Maggi.

Rituparna Banerjee

Most memorable moment in college life

An enthralling live private-concert by Gajendra Verma in our own parking space.

A word or two on the people you met during MBA

Diverse and versatile

Favourite hangout spot in Vizag

RK Beach while having hot roasted sweet corn

Unique aspect of IIM Visakhapatnam

Rigorous yet fun-filled MBA life with a family-like environment

Kruthi Sahini

Hangout spot in the college

The college cafeteria, green lawns, board rooms and the recreation room with TT, foosball, and billiards!

What’s hostel life like

It’s like Mini-India – Celebrating culture from 21 states as one family.

One myth you’d like to dispel

That learning is always through formal methods. At IIM, learning is with live projects, guest lectures, and student activities.

Future plans

Short-term plan is to get placed in a satisfactory role. After gathering expertise, I’d love to start my own chain of restaurants.

Hardik Sawhney

The IIM Visakhapatnam brand

It instills confidence, honour, and a sense of responsibility.

The most annoying thing about MBA

The sheer amount of assignments can be overwhelming sometimes, but it’s a boon as it grooms us for the future.


Photography, sketching and designing cars.

CAT memories

CAT prep takes you through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. And when your hard work pays off, you feel so elated that it can’t be put into words.

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