Hyderabad train accident: MMTS collides with Express train, more than 15 injured

hyderabad train accident, kacheguda

A train accident, on Monday morning at Kacheguda in Hyderabad, has injured several passengers. A local Multi-Modal Transport Service (MMTS) train collided with the Kongu Intercity Express train. The accident took place on the tracks leading to platform number 2 at Kachiguda railway station. Though there seem to be no casualties, more than fifteen people have been reported to be injured.

The MMTS train was shuttling between Lingampally to Kacheguda when the accident took place at around 10:30 am. The Kongu Express was stationary on the platform. The local train had slowed down as it was approaching the station and apparently given a green signal to proceed onto platform number 2. The preliminary investigation has deduced that an error in signalling has caused the accident. 

Minimal damage has been done to the express train. However, the MMTS train has gotten the first three bogies severely mangled and damaged in the accident in Hyderabad. The coaches got derailed and tilted towards the left. Reportedly, the driver of the MMTS train was stuck in the engine. His condition seems to be critical due to several serious injuries. The other injured have been taken to nearby hospitals. 

The accident has caused the cancellation of other local trains. Important express trains have been delayed and are slowly running on other designated tracks.

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