Restrain from Kiki Challenge or count the bars, warn Hyderabad Traffic Police

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Kiki Challenge, involving a person jumping out of a slow moving car and dancing to Drake’s “In my feelings” song has been trending among youngsters across the world. If dancing the heart out is one reason for the trending, breaking rules is another reason. Recently, Hyderabad Traffic Police have released a press note warning the youngsters regarding Kiki Challenge.

The note said, “Hyderabad Traffic Police noticed that many young drivers under the influence of #kikichallenge are performing dances on the roads by jumping out from moving vehicles.”

“Jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside it in the middle of the road obviously multiplies the risks involved in it. These kinds of acts endanger to the driver himself and others too. Further, such acts draw criminal charges. Any untoward incident may occur while performing such perilous acts on roads”, police said in the note.

The police also mentioned, ” Youth of Hyderabad are hereby requested to abstain from doing such acts on the roads. Dear youngsters, drive safe and stay safe. Accept worthy challenges in life. Because you are the future of the country. Anyone indulging in #kikichallenge on the roads will be booked under section 268 of IPC and Under Section 70(b) of Hyderabad City Police Act for creating a nuisance on the road and endangering the life and commuters.”

The press note warning the youngsters has been released on the Facebook page of Hyderabad Traffic Police.

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