How does Hyderabad fare when compared to London, New York and Johannesburg?

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Bengaluru based non-profit Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy conducted its 5th Annual Survey of India’s City System (ASICS) for 2017. The survey, which ranks cities based governance and capability to deliver urban reforms, revealed that Pune, among the 23 cities surveyed, is the best-governed city and most equipped to deliver urban reforms. While Visakhapatnam, the largest city in Andhra Pradesh, stood 17th on the list, Hyderabad was awarded the 8th position.

The study which evaluates the quality of governance in cities, in its 2017 edition covered 23 major cities in India across 20 states based on 89 questions. Indian cities scored between 3.0 and 5.1 on 10. Pune topped the chart with an ASICS score of 5.1, whereas the capital city of Telangana secured a score of 4.3, to surpass Mumbai (4.2) and gain the 8th rank.

The survey evaluated the scores based on Urban Planning and Design (UPD), Urban Capacity, Resource (UCR), Empowered and Legitimate Political Representation (ELPR), and Transparency, Accountability, and Participation (TAP).

Hyderabad when compared to global cities in ASICS 2017

The survey also evaluated the scores of global cities like London, New York, and Johannesburg and used them as the benchmarks to compare the scores achieved by the Indian cities. While London and New York stood out with an ASICS 2017 score of 8.8 each, Johannesburg was awarded a score of 7.6. Below is a comparison of Hyderabad with these global cities in different parameters.

Urban Planning and Design (UPD)

City Score
London 7.9
New York 8
Johannesburg 5.3
Hyderabad 3

Urban Capacity, Resource (UCR)

City Score
London 9.7
New York 9.8
Johannesburg 8.8
Hyderabad 5.2

Empowered and Legitimate Political Representation (ELPR)

City Score
London 9.4
New York 8.8
Johannesburg 8.8
Hyderabad 3.3

Transparency, Accountability, and Participation (TAP)

City Score
London 8.2
New York 8.5
Johannesburg 7.6
Hyderabad 5.5

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