All you need to know about the Vizag chapter of Human Library

Human Library, Vizag
Human Library, Vizag chapter team

Challenging society’s prejudices and stereotypes, the Human Library was first established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. Its Vizag Chapter was recently launched by G. Keerthana, Gayatri Bala, and Saketh Roy.

What is it?

With its model designed around human interactions, participants here engage in several meaningful conversations to bring about a positive change in society. Essentially a library of people, here individuals, referred to as the “books”, share unique stories and experiences to influence the lives of those referred to as the “readers”.

In Vizag

Highly impressed with their theme and moved by her experiences at the Hyderabad chapter, Gayatri Bala applied for the license to launch the concept in Vizag. Six months later, she, along with Saketh and Keerthana, established Human Library in the city and teamed up with people who were willing to serve as the “books” and help them in finding suitable places to conduct different events.

The team aspires to create a strong impact in the city. “We want to promote the importance of a dialogue between people, especially with strangers and like-minded individuals. When two or more readers share the same books, they begin to realise that they are not alone in their tastes and preferences. It is imperative that people talk to each other and understand how it feels to be judged all day for every move they make,” shares Saketh.

The Road Ahead

Currently operating with just the three founding members, Human Library plans on expanding with more members. The city’s chapter also intends to conduct interesting events for people to come together and share ideas.

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