Hostel Students At Andhra University Protest Over Poor Food Quality

AU Students Hostel Food Protest

Hundreds of students of Nagarjuna hostel staged a protest at the entrance of Andhra University yesterday evening. They protested against the poor quality of food being provided at the hostel mess. Reportedly, despite various complaints, the university authorities have not taken the issue seriously.

One of the protestors complained that the poor quality of food at the hostel mess has been a prevalent problem since the last few months. They have repeatedly complained to the authorities only to be received with silence. He alleged that the quality of the rice cooked is poor and that the curries aren’t even cooked properly in the first place.

While the same situation has prevailed at the boys hostels, the situation turned worse yesterday. The protesting students have also complained about the quality of drinking water supplied at hostels. They have alleged that drinking the water has resulted in cold and throat infections for the lot.

The protesting students demanded to be heard and that the VC sort out the problem immediately. It waits to be seen if the protest has any effect on the university management.

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