Helmet compulsory if you want to fill Petrol, soon to happen in Vizag.


The No Helmet, No Petrol rule will soon be imposed in Vizag and the districts of Vizag. The Police are set on implementing this decision and plan to be stringent about it. The District Collector Pravin Kumar, has asked the Police to go ahead with this imposition at a meeting on Road Safety. The simple rule of wearing your helmet saves a lot of lives which are lost due to fatal accidents on the street. This measure seeks to mitigate the problem. Most two wheeler riders are throwing caution to wind as regards their personal safety.

The practical way forward for a solution to the issue is wearing helmet if one wants to get service at the petrol pump. Strict instructions will be issued to the authorities and action will be effected to this regard. No petrol pump will dispense fuel if you do not wear a helmet.

Vizag watch out for this and be prepared. Do not say we did not warn you. It is for one’s own good and a commendable initiative.

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