Grandparents are gems and taking their care is a responsibility, not a duty

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Do you remember how fondled you were when you were young! Those old days when grandma used to make yummy ladoos and other delicacies while grandpa took us for walks in the park. Those old days were golden and the pampering we got from our grandparents cannot ever be forgotten. After so many years, we are all grown up and re self dependent but on the other hand, our grandparents have gotten weak and they definitely need and deserve more care & love.

Studies have proved that a lot of old age people do not get the amount of love they expect from their family and descend in depression. They choose to keep quiet about it and suffer in silence. I agree that our daily lives do not permit us to take their care 24/7 but a hug a day can work much better than a strip of medicine. So here are a few things you can do to take care of your grandparents and make them comfortable in their own house.

Talk to them daily

Talking is a great way to express your love towards them. Take out time daily and talk to them about things going on with you. They might feel trusted and open up to you about their problems too.

Take them out for a walk

Nothing like spending time with your grandparents and making them smile. Take them out for an ice cream or a fruit juice {if they do not enjoy ice cream}. Go for a walk holding their hands. This will ensure them that you are there for their care

Increase your language sensitivity

While talking to grandparents is essential, choosing your language sensitivity is more important. After a certain age, people become more sensitive and child like. Make sure that you do not hurt them with your words even if you do not mean it.

But them little gifts

Getting your grandparents cute little gifts can boost their mood and make them feel happy. Getting them a Saree or a Shirt will surely bring them happy tears and it will be worth it. After all, random gift have never harmed anybody.

Eat lunch/ dinner with them

This is the best option to connect with your grandparents if you have a busy life and cannot take out time randomly. Talk while eating and make them laugh. Get them food of their choice or better cook for them. This will add on to their happiness which will indirectly reach you.

These little things can work much better than all the medication given by the doctor because what they need is love and what they get are medicines. It is high time that we take more care of our grandparents as they took our care for a long time and now it’s time for a pay back.

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