Google Allo: What Sets It Apart From Other Messengers


Google has launched its messaging app Google Allo. Allo is made to be in conjunction with Duo. While Duo focuses on video communication, Allo focuses on text messaging along with sending photos, audio messages, fun stickers and location. Combining both the apps into one would have been convenient, but meh! Google Allo comes with Google Assistant built in. While available for Android and iOS, the app isn’t available yet for web, desktop or tablet usage. When you set up, the app asks for your phone number, which it verifies with a text message. The app can also associate with your Google ID if you wish to do so. You’re set to use Allo after you set up your profile picture and name.

The interface looks a bit like Google Hangout, except it’s more colourful. 20 photos can be sent at a time, as opposed to the 10 photos Whatsapp can send. The app shows a quick reply to contacts who message you. You might wonder what happens if your contact doesn’t have the app installed. If they’re on iOS, they receive the message with a link to download the app. If they’re on Android, they will get a notification as if they already have the app installed. They can reply within the notification and tap on it to install the app. But the only thing setting it apart is the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant is exactly what it claims to be. Type in a query about places nearby or anything in general and it will do its best to assist you. You can even play games on it. The Smart Reply that pops up above the keyboard is useful. If you have a problem with Google monitoring your chats, there’s the Incognito Mode for you.  

Download Google Allo here.

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