It’s Good Neighbour’s Day!


We have seen many kinds of neighbours in our life – the borrowing neighbour, the gossip queen neighbour, the helpful neighbour and the unknown neighbour. Whatever kind they might be – either good or bad, they never make us feel (or leave us!) alone.

But, do you know who the best neighbour in the world is!? Any guesses? No?

*drum roll* It’s PAKISTAN!!

They are so GOOD to us. They never make us feel lonely; they keep reminding us about them through various acts of theirs!

Things they have done for us:

War over Kashmir – Ever since the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, Pakistan has been fighting for Kashmir. This followed a course of FOUR Indo-Pakistan Wars.

a.1947 – The first Kashmir War – the Muslim states were supposed to go to Pakistan, but Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu king, so Pakistan attacked which led to the formation of L.O.C.

b.Indo-Pakistan war of 1965 – The 17 – day war which was started through Pakistan’s Operation Gibraltar which was designed to infiltrate forces into Jammu and Kashmir to precipitate insurgency into India.

c.1971 – Pakistan attacked at several places along India’s western border with Pakistan, but the Indian Army successfully held their positions. The Indian Army quickly responded to the Pakistan Army’s movements in the west and made some initial gains. Pakistan lost half its navy, a quarter of its air force and a third of its army.

d.Kargil War (1999) – Pakistani troops crossed the Line of Control (L.O.C) and occupied the Indian territory around the Kargil area. After the war, 4,000 Pakistani troops were killed.

Uri Attack – Four heavily armed men from Pakistan attacked the Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri on 18th September. Around 18 soldiers were killed.

Why complicate stuff Pakistan, aren’t we neighbours after all!?

BTW Happy Good Neighbours Day.

Feature Image Source: Huffingtonpost

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