Gang of six nabbed by police for allegedly selling cat meat in Vizag

cat meat, vizag
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Vizag is filled with lots of road-side joints which thrive on the commoner’s need to have delicious food at low prices. These roadside vendors provide a range of dishes from dosas to chicken pakodas. However, it is wise for the non-vegetarians in the city to beware of what they are eating at such stalls. What the vendor claims to be mutton could actually be some kind of feline meat. This is the fear that has enveloped the city after a gang of six was nabbed by Arilova police this Monday on the allegations of selling cat meat to roadside vendors in Vizag.

On the back of information provided by an NGO, Arilova Police raided the Jodugulapalem area and arrested this gang, of which two are women and one, a minor girl. The minor girl was later released while the remaining five remained in custody. Two cats- one dead and the other in dying state- were also found along with the gang. A post-mortem was conducted on the dead cat as the police believed that the results could help with the investigation based on the allegations that the gang was selling cat meat.

Reportedly, Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animal (VSPCA) has asked the police and the health department of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) to regularly inspect roadside joints for cat meat. Pradeep Nath from VSPCA was quoted by The New Indian Express as saying that a great influx of hunters from Odisha and other districts of Andhra Pradesh has been observed in recent years. Earlier, they used to hunt animals like cats, dogs, bats, crows and eat the meat. But of late, some of this meat has turned up into the hands of roadside vendors.

Further probe is being conducted into the case. Meanwhile, people are advised to check the food they are consuming at roadside food joints.

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