A New Freestyle Dance Workout – Bokwa

Fitness Workout

The latest dance-fitness trend ruling the world is one for people with two left feet.

LA based fitness trainer Paul Mavi conceptualised the Bokwa workout that blends freestyle dancing into your workout routine.

This South African workout’s name is a combination of ‘Bo’ (boxing) and ‘Kwaito’ (a style of South African music and dance). Bokwa is a unique exercise that uses letters and numbers as its foundation and doesn’t require any previous dance experience.

The workout, despite being highly intense, is simple and follows no choreography. All one needs to do is draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing a cardio routine to their favourite song. Draw an L or N with your feet or try and move your body into a 3. The steps of Bokwa are predictable and easy to learn, a perfect alternative to Zumba.

This cardio workout combines strength training, coordination, flexibility and conditioning. If done right, it can help you burn upto 1,000 calories per 45 minute session. It is an effective, full body workout.

*Stretch exercises are a must before doing Bokwa. Start with a low-intensity routine and work your way up.

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