Fitness apps that will get you going in 2K17

fitness apps

New Year starts with a lot of resolutions but till the end of year, you are still stuck where you were in the beginning. It’s January and you got only four months to work on your summer body. So if you belong to the category of people who have decided to loosen up this year, here’s a list of new online fitness apps which will definitely help you to reach your fitness goal in this year [ fingers crossed 🙂 ]



This application is pretty popular internationally and helps you to lose weight either by going for cycling or running. The easy interface allows users to exploit the app to the fullest and get lean quicker.



Like your workouts short! We got you covered. Try the ‘SEVEN’ application which gives you a seven minute workout challenges everyday to get you into shape. These seven minute workouts are available for full body and also for specific body parts. Challenge yourself and see the results.



This is a perfect application which will look after your workout and also your healthy meal. You can have personal trainer and can also personalize your meals and diet routines. The huge online community will also help you to get motivated and solve daily workout doubts and problems.



This application will help you to get a monthly membership of various health workshops going on in your area. It works according to your location and will find best deals for you.



This application gives you a list of all the workout options according to your mood and location. Be it gym, yoga, pilates etc this application is all you need. Download it and find the best options in your area to get fit.



Not a fan of taking monthly membership? This application gives you a list of all the workout options available in your area and the best part is that you pay money per session. Many options like Zumba, Crossfit, Bokwa etc are covered in the app.

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