The video about child lock system by Faye D’Souza receives accolades

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A lot of horrific incidents regarding the tortures faced by women while taking a ride in the taxis and cabs have been reported in the country. One of the main reasons behind the incidents is the child lock system, available in the cabs. Executive Editor of Mirror Now, Faye D’Souza, has posted a video about how to disengage the locking system while taking the cab.

Child lock system does not provide the customer in the cab to operate the windows or doors by themselves. Some of the drivers are using this as an advantage to harras the customers.

In the video, Faye demonstrates how one could disable the child lock system before entering the cab.

Mirror Now

Child locks in cabs are scary. Most of the crimes happening against women in cabs is because the car was ‘child-locked’. If a car is child locked you cannot open the door or roll down windows….

She appealed to the government about passing an order to the cab companies on pasting a sticker related to the checking of child lock on the cars. This would help the customer ensure about disengaging the locking system.

Also, Faye D’Souza mentioned that it is unnecessary to have a child lock system in the cabs or the taxis.

The video has turned out to be helpful and received applause on social media and from the public too.

The video was awarded as the most viral digital video in the ‘News and features’ category.

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