Visakhapatnam’s new hub for all the chicken and egg aficionados

The Egg Stop and Mexico’s Chicken poppers give the foodies in Visakhapatnam a fresh and new reason to rejoice.

The setting

A bright red sombrero and flashy yellow egg welcome you into this Indo-Mexican-styled restaurant. With a spacious area that is capable of accommodating 60 heads, the well-lit inner space has a pretty comforting feel to go with it. Apart from the striking collection of red and black chairs, the colourful walls filled with catchy slogans and chirpy images reflect the very spirit of the eatery. The woodwork and overhead lighting too are quite impressive and add on to the overall aesthetic beauty. The brainchild of J V Prithvi and Pavan Kumar, this restaurant brings an exciting array of dishes to the table.

The fare

As the name suggests, the menu here specialises in offering a wide range of exciting varieties made with chicken and egg. While the Chicken Poppers section consists of an overwhelming collection of chicken dishes prepared with fresh and tender meat, the Egg Stop gives plenty to relish for all the egg aficionados. In addition to the signature chicken and egg specialties, the restaurant also serves wraps, burritos, sandwiches, burgers, and shakes among others.

The breakfast menu consists of Bullseye, Regular omelette with baked beans and toasted sausage (tea/coffee), Plain scramble with toasted sausage and salad (tea/coffee), Pancakes with fruits with tea/coffee and many more varieties of omelettes, toasts, sandwiches, and burgers.

Chicken wings(Hot, Sweet & Spicy, Crispy) and Chicken meatballs (made fresh in-house) are the latest attractions that invite you.

Yo! recommends

No chicken lover would want to miss the Dynamite Chicken, a creamy dish, which has about 30 chicken pieces cooked to perfection with the right levels of spice. Also, Chicken Poppers, layered with a delicious combination of sauces and Peri-peri, come highly recommended.

Coming to the best choices made out of eggs, the Indo Mexican, Jamaican cheesy and egg-chicken varieties of omelettes, along with the unique egg-based milkshakes, veg & unique non-veg rice bowls, are holding the customers captive. Serving desserts like ice-creams and faloodas, there’s much that awaits you here.

Note-The place is also open for parties and gatherings on advance booking.

Timings: 8:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Location: Beside IDBI bank, Gurudwara, Visakhapatnam
Contact: +91 87901 67676

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