Eastern Naval Command team trek Mt. Mentok Kangri

eastern naval command, mt. mentok kangri
Eastern Naval Command team trek Mt. Mentok Kangri

Setting foot atop Mt. Mentok Kangri, a challenging 6250m peak, is no mean feat. This mission had 11 mountaineers including 2 Women Officers of Eastern Naval Command (ENC). A journey embarked end of May month,  where all members successfully summitted Mt. Mentok Kangri located in Rupshu plateau in Eastern Leh on June  10, 2018.  The expedition included a week’s approach trek from Tsokar lake, crossing 04 high passes ranging from 4800m-5400m and reaching base camp at 5300m and the team could finally summit the peak after a daunting and extremely challenging summit climb of 11 hrs including a 70 degree wall of around 350m, traversing through the glacier in 10-15 knot winds with occasional snowfall throughout the climb. The team also undertook yoga practice enroute as a run-up to the International Yoga Day being celebrated on 21 June across the world.


The team led by Cdr Amit Kumar was assisted by 03 Sherpas and established 06 camps enroute with summit camp at 5450m. Trekking the summit of 800m, a vertical climb with deep crevasses and long rocky moraines before ascending near vertical rock/ice slope unfurling the National Flag and Naval Ensign atop Mt. Mentok Kangri.

Yo! Vizag congratulates the Eastern Naval Command team for this achievement.

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