East Point Golf Club in Visakhapatnam to get international makeover

golf club
Source - epgc.com

The iconic East point Golf Club of Visakhapatnam will get an international makeover and come out with a modern upgrade and sporty spin.

An essential part of the vintage cityscape, the East Point Golf Club in Visakhapatnam is 131 years old and going stronger than ever. It is to get a modern golf club avatar and a place to host both national and international sporting events in future. Golf is emerging as a sport to reckon with in the national and international arena and the government is doing everything to keep the infra ready for it. A grant of 12.72 acres of additional land has been allotted for extending and developing facilities of the establishment. Not just this, a golf academy to encourage and promote the sport for youngsters is on the cards.

The members of this club stands at 1,100. The golf club is in discussions with different agencies to prepare the designs before te development project in Visakhapatnam goes under execution. The location of this club is a very big attraction with it being present next door to the Mudasarlova reservoir. Already a hub for young sports, every Saturday 30 newbie golfers gather at the club to practice.

The East point Golf Club will be promoted from a B category golf park to an A category park. This agenda has been slotted to be executed by 2020 with a cost of 4 crores.

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