Drink Decorum for Drinking Divas


Wishing you all a fantastic ‘Vodka Day’, before we tip you on how to ace the art of drinking. Intro = tips for the novice female just entering the world of clubs, pubs and parties, keen on joining the crowd, but eager to know how much and how many is just right to enjoy without going overboard! Vodka it is!

Headache, disorientation, disillusioned vision, inability to walk straight… somehow managed to return home safe, only to have a sleepless night puking guts out… followed by a miserable hangover and a sense of nausea the next day. Or if stars are less favourable that night, you might end up as another statistic, in hospital or in wrong hands. These are just a few of the many possible drinking woes for the first time female alcohol drinkers. Drinking Divas to keep the devil and His agents away check out these recommendations….

The thumb rule says, select something that will not get you pissed too quickly, but promise you liquor fun.

For ladies it is always advisable to opt for Cocktails, which are alcohol based drinks instead of consuming neat alcohol. But never try to mix up two alcoholic drinks, instead spike up a soft drink of your choice with a shot of gin or vodka. These two white drinks are a perfect for a pre-lunch drink as well as in an evening party. They are easier to mix and won’t give nasty aftertastes.

Gin with Lime Quadrille is the all time preferred drink for women. To add little more taste and colour mix half nip of Angostura Bitter. If tomato juice is your favourite, try “Bloody Mary”, i.e. mix of vodka and tomato juice. Mix vodka and orange juice, this is called a “Screwdriver”, or “Sex on the Beach”, which is vodka with cranberry. One can also try Blue Lagoon, i.e. Vodka with Blue Curacao, crushed ice, soda and Seven-up.

If you are fascinated with that tall wine glass, you can try White and Red Wine, Wine also contains less alcohol. Ask for Port Sherry, Madeira, Grover etc

While with Whisky ask for the cocktail Bobby Burns. Try Rum with coke or White Bacardi Rum- with juice or Seven-Up.

Though beer has the least alcohol content, it usually is not on the favoured drinks list among women owing to its taste. But to sample, one can try special variants like Coors Light – a tasty light beer with negative hangovers. Or can try root beer, root beer schnapps and 151. Instead of neat beer one can go for a drink with 3/4th of beer blended with 1/4th of Limca called Shanty or Virgin Mary.


· Keep your stomach full with food, or at least have glass full of milk before experimenting with liquors. Snack on something in between drinks.
· Drink slowly! Sip by sip should be the process.
· Don’t have too many pegs. Walk around in between instead of staying glued to your seat. Finish the drink at least half-an-hour before the meal to give the body some reaction time.
· Guzzle lots of water, it prevents or at least lessens hangovers!
· First timers stick to one drink for one night. Don’t go crazy and mix the liquors!
· Try to avoid adding soda directly with liquor, as this is the agent which adds punch to the drink. Replace it with water.
· To cut the ill effect take fresh salted lime juice with water or salted Lassi.
· The danger sets in when you keep drinking after you are drunk.

All you first timers out there! Keep these tips handy to prevent tripping over and feel like a shithead. Cheers to your first drink!

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