District Collector To Look Into The Alledged Rice Scam At Andhra University


The District Collector has been asked by the Andhra Pradesh Legal Services Authority to look into the rice scam alleged to be happening at Andhra University. Reportedly, District Collector Pravin Kumar has already begun looking into the scam under the direction of DRO Chandrashekar Reddy. The Andhra Pradesh Legal Services Authority issued the order based on the petition put in by a student organisation and a news story broken by The Hindu.

The issue came forth when students complained about the sub-standard rice they were being served. The issue was brought to the notice of Registrar and the then Vice-Chancellor; but upon their failure to take action, the students decided to take a legal route.

The new Vice-Chancellor G Nageswara Rao has replaced all the wardens, but failed to reportedly commence an inquiry into the matter. The irregularities have been going on since the last five years and the students demand an independent inquiry panel be set up to look into the matter.

Andhra University consumes 2280 Kg of rice on a daily basis and the alleged sub-standard rice sourced by the previous wardens was without proper tendering procedure.

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