Delhi Police Get ‘Touchy’

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Delhi Police Get passport verification devices

After having lived life with a practically non-existent silent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Indian folk are gradually shaking off the ‘lazy’ out of them. Among many projects, Digital India is a major achievement in progress. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading India out of its socio-economic miseries, Delhi Police has shown initiative towards a paperless tomorrow.

Delhi Police commissioner, Amulya Patnaik has approved a proposal to procure passport verification devices (PVDs) for the department. Initially, around 250 such devices–they look like tablets–will be procured. The devices will have an “m-Passport police app” installed on them. The verification officers will then swipe through the details upload and download relevant documents and verify the applicant without any hassle.

The step is aimed at digitizing the verification process by reducing paper work. It will ease the police-public contact process and is expected to weed out corruption. However, there is no clarity as yet whether home visits by cops will be done away with or not. The new method will pave the way for electronic payment. The system will also ensure uninterrupted connectivity and coordination between police and the passport department. Each of these devices will have a 10-inch screen and run on android operating system.

They will have a front and a dual camera of 5 and 2 megapixels respectively. For making it more efficient, cops are insisting on 4,600MAH battery power in them. The devices will have 4G connectivity. Delhi Police is looking for vendors, who would provide them with internet services with minimum of 5GB data.

Once the PVDs are tested in Delhi, we hope to see them make life easier for the rest of India as well, including our city.

Story Credit: Times of India

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